The Best TV Online Options For Students 2020

Digital TV

TV Online – Digital TV package or Online Streaming Service

A favourite past time for many students (once studying is done!!) is binging on TV. We’ve put together a quick comparison guide to help you decide between choosing a digital TV package or online streaming service

Just a few years ago students only had a few options available when it came to watching TV Online. Now, with the rise of on-demand streaming, there are multiple options available depending on your needs. Streaming services aren’t the only option though and digital TV services can still prove a good money-saving choice depending on the type of broadband package you purchase.

In this article, we’ll look at the various options available and do a quick comparison to help you choose the best TV or streaming service which meets your personal needs.

On-Demand Streaming

The Pros 

Cheaper and Simpler

Online streaming services tend to be cheaper and it typically only takes minutes to get up and running and watching your desired content.


While watching content on streaming services your not going to be interrupted with adverts.

Content available on demand

You can watch desired content as and when you want as everything is available on demand.

The Cons

Desired Content  Not Available

It’s likely that the streaming service you choose won’t have all the desired content you wish to watch on it

Bandwidth and Buffering

Due to the content being streamed over an internet connection, at times users can experience issues with content pausing or becoming unavailable due to bandwidth speeds or connection issues.


As with any online service, there is a chance (although small) of your account being hacked and your personal data being stolen or used for fraudulent means.

Streaming Services 

AmazonPrime6-month free trial then £3.99 per month
See Details
Up to 6 Visit Now
Apple-TV 7 day free trail then £4.99 per month
See Details
Up to 6Visit Now
now_tv From £3.99 per
See Details
Up to 6Visit Now
disneyplus£5.99 per month
See Details
Up to 4Visit Now


Digital TV

The Pros


If you get a TV and broadband package then all your bills will be conveniently paid together

Wide and varied Choice

Digital TV packages typically have a varied and wide choice of content with some providers even offering access to some of the streaming services.

Reliable and Secure

The chance of having your data compromised with a Digital TV service is extremely low and you can expect minimal disruption while watching content.

The Cons


Compared to streaming services, digital TV is typically more expensive but lately, companies have been offering cheaper deals.

Programs not always on demand

Content is typically shown on a schedule meaning you cant always just watch content as and when you choose to, and a bit of pre-planning is usually required even just to record your desired content.

Broadband TV Packages

The below table provides a general price comparison and shows the cheapest option available when adding a TV package as part of a broadband package.

Please note: We are displaying the cheapest option available out of all possible packages and deals. Prices and deals tend to change regularly so prices may not always be up to date.

ProviderSpeedContract LengthMonthly CostWebsite
BT Student Broadband25Mbps24 MonthsFrom £39.99Visit Now
Virgin Media Student Broadband54Mbps18 MonthsFrom £33Visit Now
Plusnet Student Broadband10Mbps18 MonthsFrom £24.98 Visit Now

On-Demand Streaming Breakdown




With Prime Student, you get access to Prime Video which is the UK’s second most popular streaming service and other prime services such as quick free delivery on amazon products and discounts on services such as prime music.

Popular Programmes and Movies

Thousands of hit movies and other hit programes such as Mr Robot, Outlander, Preacher, The Man in the High Castle, Vikings and Lucifer


You can stream content on up to 2 devices.

Cost Breakdown & Deals

As a student when you sign up you are given a free 6-month trial then pay £3.99 per month with the option to cancel at any time.

Visit Now




Apple TV+ is new on the market when it comes to streaming services. Compared to its rivals doesn’t currently have the biggest choice of content. It does come with very high specs with everything being streamed in 4K ultra HD using Dobly Vision and 3D surround sound. The means if you have correct technical setup Apple TV+ can offer you the most immersive watching experience currently out there.

Popular Programmes and Movies

Currently, the content is limited but Apple TV+ has big plans with plenty of shows and movies coming up, a lot of them featuring big-name stars. Some notable content so far: Mythic Quest, Beastie Boys Story and The Shrink next Door.


You can stream content on up to 6 devices. It’s available to stream on any apple device, PC’s or smart TV’s. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available on Andriod or PS4. See all supported devices ->

Cost Breakdown & Deals

7-day free trial then £4.99 per month with a standard subscription. If you buy a new Apple device then you get 1 years free membership.

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NowTV is a streaming service offered by Sky. It allows users access to exclusive Sky content without needing a satellite dish or Digi box. It’ works by offering subscription-based  ‘passes’ which are divided across subject areas and can be tailored to your own viewing habits.

The default streaming resolution isn’t the best at only 720p, and an extra £3 a month unlocks 1080p streaming with the ability to stream on three devices rather than two.  Depending on your needs it can either be very cheap or a bit pricey but overall the quality and quantity of content you have access to is pretty good.

Popular Programmes and Movies

The content you get will depend on the type of pass(s) you subscribe too. You can mix and match pass to meet your own viewing needs and cheaper bundles are available on some passes.

With the entertainment pass, you would have access to Sky One, Sky Witness, Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy, Gold, Comedy Central, SYFY, Fox, MTV, Discovery, Pick, Challenge, Nat Geo Wild, and Vice.

With the sky cinema pass, you would have on-demand access to 1,000+ movies which includes both movie classics and new releases.

The Hayu pass is great if you want access to both sky tv channels and on-demand streaming service

See more about passes and available bundles ->


You can stream content on up to 2 devices or 3 with a boost for £3 a month extra. It’s available to stream on Android, Apple, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Smart TVs, YouView, BT TV Box, Now TV, web browsers, PC’s or smart TV’s

Cost Breakdown & Deals

Free 7 day trial then pay a monthly subscription.

Entertain pass £9.99 per month

Sky Cinema pass £11.99 per month

Hayu pass £4.99 per month

Sky Sports passes at either daily or monthly rates

Mix and match pricing on various bundles available

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Disney+ is a newcomer on the market offering streamable content. It offers much more than just the Disney back catalogue and with streaming in 4k with HDR is becoming a good choice for some

Popular Programmes and Movies

Users have access to the full Disney catalogue as well as the Star Wars saga, all Marvel and Pixar Films and all episodes of the Simpsons. Disney+ are also producing their own original content such as The Mandalorian, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Wandavision. Although currently limited in content it may be a good alternative for some.


You can stream content on up to 4 devices simultaneously. It’s available on most devices, see supported devices ->

Cost Breakdown & Deals

£5.99 per month or £59.99 per year.

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