Student FAQ

Here you’ll find a list of the most common questions students tend to have when initially getting started. If you have any further questions which aren’t covered on this page, check out some of the other FAQ sections or get in touch using our contact form here

How do I find accommodation?

Navigate to the home page and use the search bar to indicate your search location and other basic search criteria. Once you’ve performed a search, a list of matching results will be returned and further filtering options will be displayed, allowing you to narrow your search down further.

How do I contact advertisers?

Through Diggzhunter

Click into the advert you’re interested in, you’ll see a contact tab located at the bottom of the advert or to the right-hand side if your using a desktop device.

Click on the contact tab and enter your Name, Email and message and press ‘Send Inquiry’, these details will then be passed onto the advertiser.


Some advertisers will list contact details such as mobile/telephone number, email address or a website. If these are displayed, you’ll be able to contact the advertiser directly but if you prefer you can still use the method of contact outlined above.

Can I advertise a room or home?

Yes, all site members get one free advert so whatever your situation you can advertise a room or property for free.

Can I advertise that I’m looking for a room?

Not yet, this is a feature we’ll be introducing soon so stay tuned!

Do you check the authenticity of adverts posted on your site?

We moderate all adverts posted on our site and perform a number of checks to ensure the authenticity of those adverts, however we recommend you pay careful attention when contacting advertisers and take extra care in order to avoid scammers. Check out our scam avoidance guide which has some useful advice on how to spot and avoid fraudulent adverts.

Other Questions

If you have further questions, see an issue or wish to report something then get in touch using our contact form here