Best Student Broadband Deals 2021 – Save Money

student broadband deals

A Breakdown of the Best Student Broadband Deals 2021


Every student wants fast, reliable and affordable broadband running through their student home. To help save you time while searching, we’ve put together a list of the best student broadband deals out there.

Student Broadband Guide: Things to Consider

Before you start searching for the best student broadband deals, there are a few worth being aware of and taking into account.

Understanding broadband speeds, data limits and the types of contracts available will help you in selecting the best student wifi packages.

Aimed with this understanding, you’ll be able to select the best packages which best match you and your housemates needs

Broadband Speed & Housemates

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Download speed is very important and standard broadband packages typically provide download speeds of 17Mps.

This level of speed is suitable for a house of up to 3 people. If you have any more than 3 housemates and you’ll ideally want to be looking at faster broadband speeds.

If you require the best speeds possible, look at fibre optic packages. Fibre broadband provides lightning fast internet and download speeds and is a great option for students sharing a home of 4 or more people.

Package Data Limits

You’ll need to consider how often you or your housemates are going to be streaming or downloading data. In our experience, students tend to be using their home internet all the time so we would suggest looking for unlimited data packages.

Unlimited data will give you some peace of mind and you won’t run into the issue of hitting any data caps, there’s nothing more annoying than having your internet cut off just when you really needed it to carry out some research, even worse if your halfway through an epic Netflix episode.

Although you may pay a bit more initially, it can be a lot cheaper to choose unlimited data than hitting a data cap, then having to pay out extra.

Contract Length

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Most contracts in the UK last for 12 to 18-months. There are a few 9-month contracts available but overall there not necessarily any cheaper than a 12-month contract. 18-month contracts can still be ok, you just need to calculate the overall cost and if you do plan on cancelling early work out the cancellation costs.

We’d advise going for 12-month contracts where possible as they seem to offer the best value.

Broadband Packages Overview

ProviderSpeedContract LengthCost (Inc Fees)Website
John Lewis Student Broadband10 Mbps 12 Month£16Visit Site
Hyperoptic Student Broadband50 Mbps12 Month£22Visit Site
Plusnet Student Broadband10 Mbps 18 Month£15Visit Site
Virgin Media Student Broadband54 Mbps (Fiber)18 Month£30Visit Site
BT Student Broadband50 Mbps (Fiber)24 Month£28Visit Site


Useful Tips to Save a Few £’s

  • Ideally  select packages which have unlimited data
  • Always enquire about other hidden charges before taking out a package
  • Where possible use paperless billing
  • Pay for you broadband package upfront
  • Cancelling your contract early may work out cheaper than continuing


Other Things to consider

Line Rental

Requiring a landline is gradually declining but whether you need one or not will depend on the package and provider you choose and most providers will include the cost of line rental to the package cost. If you go for a package which uses either 5G or fibre optics then you won’t require a landline.

Buying a Router

Most broadband packages will provide you with a bog-standard router (and sometimes charge extra). To get the most out of your wifi it can be worth buying a faster more Powerful Router

Installation Time

Typically it will take up to 2 weeks if going for a standard phone line connection but with 5G or fibre it’s possible to be connected sooner.

Always ask your provider how long this will take before deciding on a package some properties may take longer than the standard 2 weeks.

Check Your Broadband Speed

Once you’ve got your broadband up and running you can run a quick speed test and check both the upload and download speeds. Speeds can vary depending on the time of day so run a few checks at different times. If your speed is below what your chosen provider advertised, get in touch and let them know as there may actually be an issue. Use this tool to run a quick test

Digital TV

If you’re considering getting digital TV package, it’s definitely worth looking into all in one Broadband and TV bundles as these can potentially be a good cost-saving.


There are many Student wifi packages out there, hopefully, we’ve helped you in narrowing down your search.

If you’re still looking for a student home you can use our a site to find for your ideal student home.






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