Student Accommodation Tips – Things you should know

Student Accommodation Tips

So the time has come – you are preparing to move into your student accommodation and begin your university experience. This post comprises an array of student accommodation tips to ensure that your move is as enjoyable and easy as possible, allowing you to get set up and settled in with the minimum of fuss. 

So grab a brew and let’s get started. 

8 Tips When Moving Into Student Accommodation

Prepare a Checklist

Firstly, we all know that no matter how old or young you are, things are easier with a list (just like we are making your life easier with this list of student housing tips – you’re welcome). Making sure that you have a think about the things you need before you start chucking items in suitcases is always for the best. We’ve all been there, when you pack a bag for an event in a rush, and when you arrive and unpack you realise you’ve got two left shoes, no hairbrush and have forgotten your toothpaste…

Nobody needs that hassle in their life. So, have a think and go from there.

Choose Carefully

When making your list, choose carefully the items you are going to take with you. It’s likely you don’t need to bring everything from home, and it’s even more likely that the accommodation you are moving into will come with many items included. 

If you have already seen the house/flat/halls before then you will know the layout of the space you are moving into. However if you haven’t seen it in person, then it could be useful to ask your landlord or agent for a link to some images of your accommodation so that you can peruse the rooms and get a better idea of the things you will need. 

For example, how big are the wardrobes? If they aren’t very large and you have lots of clothes, it might be worth taking some boxes/containers to slide under your bed for more storage. Or being more minimalist in terms of the clothes you take. 

The time of year you start university will also affect what you pack clothes-wise as well. You could take autumn and winter clothes for the first term and then, if you are due to go back home for Christmas, repack for the new season with alternative and more suitable clothing for the next term.  

Make wise choices on what you put on your list to take and your living space won’t be crammed to the rafters with unnecessary items. 

If you are still a little unsure on the best way to make your checklist then look no further – we’ve got your back with our student accommodation tips article in our preparing for university checklist

Choosing carefully, doesn’t just relate to the items you take with you, but also to the space you choose to live in the first place. Making sure the space is what you want, where you want it and meets suitable living conditions is incredibly important. For more tips on choosing the best student accommodation for you and your needs be sure to check out our blog post.

Read the small Print

Reading the small print of your contract, and tenancy agreement, will mean you have a better idea of everything to expect when moving into your student accommodation. By familiarising yourself with the legalities and small print of your tenancy agreement you will be more aware of your rights as a tenant.

It should lay out everything from the length of your student housing contract, the type of contract you are in (joint or individual), if you need a guarantor, and your rights in terms of getting out of a contract if you need to.

Doing this will also help you understand what will happen if anything gets broken, needs fixing or isn’t where you thought it was going to be, and will let you know whose responsibility it is to deal with (you or your landlord’s). 

Check what’s included

Another of our useful student housing tips is to check what’s included as a part of your contract with your accommodation. By reading and re-reading your contract, and the terms of your agreement, you can ascertain whether your bills, internet and digital tv come as standard within your monthly rent payments or whether you have to source and set these up yourself. 

You can also, as previously mentioned, find out what furnishings and appliances already come with your accommodation and from there decide what you need to take. Also, if you know the people you are moving in with, you can have a tete-a-tete about who is bringing which appliances, and from there safeguard against the possibility of moving into a house with four microwaves and six toasters.  

Protect Your Deposit

One of the main student housing tips we suggest to those moving into new accommodation is to always make sure your deposit is protected in the proper fashion. It may sound a bit abstract but actually it’s quite simple. 

The deposit you pay to your landlord at the start of your contract needs to be kept safe so that you can get your full deposit back (as long as you don’t break the terms of your tenancy agreement) when you move out. 

Your landlord legally has 30 days to place the funds you send them into a tenancy deposit scheme. This is where it will be kept (and not spent) until you move out. 

The details of the scheme your money is kept in will be detailed in your tenancy agreement, as will the details of any helplines and information resources regarding this issue. It is useful to read this agreement thoroughly and make a note of these numbers and helplines so if you need to contact them you know where to look. 

Compare Utilities Providers

If you do need to source and set up your own utilities then it is important to compare providers to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. By doing so you will have more disposable money at the end of every month to spend on the things you want. 

It can be useful to do some research on multiple providers to get a bang for your buck instead of opting for the first offer you find. Taking the time to understand the different bills you will be paying, how to read meters and check supply connections, as well as to ascertain how much to expect bills to be, depending on the size of your accommodation, is all valuable research and is advised. 

Check out our student accommodation guide on the best way to compare utility providers, do your research and to make sure you get the best deal. 

Find the Best Broadband and Internet Deals

Finding the best broadband and internet deals is doable if you do some research and consider your needs. Have a think about package data limits and what you are going to be using your data for and how often. It would be super frustrating if you and your housemates got a specific data package and realised after the first month or so it was nowhere near big enough. 

Deciding on package limits, the length of the contract you need and perusing all the competitors’ websites to ensure you get the best deal can seem an overwhelming task, but don’t worry, we have created a list of student accommodation tips here for you to help you get the best deal. 

Make it Home

A great student accommodation guide for all those moving into new homes at university is to make an effort to create a homey feeling environment in your accommodation. You want it to be a home away from home, and to do that it is worth taking the time to get it decorated and set up in the way that will set you at ease.

Bringing things from home that you like in your surroundings is a must. From photos, lighting, ornaments and artwork to video games, musical instruments and your journal – all of these things are ways to add that je ne sais quoi to your space.

If you haven’t got enough of these little bits and bobs and want to splash out then you can always head to your nearest Ikea and peruse the Swedish goodies to make your house a home. Whilst you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some meatballs and cinnamon swirls for dinner from the supermarket section – they’re delicious.  

As well as home furnishings and trinkets, another way to make your home feel homey is to keep it tidy. Spring cleaning often isn’t the most appealing of tasks but once completed it definitely fosters a sense of accomplishment and makes all involved feel productive and more comfortable in the space. 

To sum up, hopefully these student accommodation tips can act as a useful guide for you before and during your move to university. Making this space feel like your home, whilst equipping it with all of the things you need to live your life is a balance. It requires some thought, planning and research so utilising this student accommodation guide should make your process run that bit more smoothly. 

Wishing you lots of luck with the process and remember that in amongst the planning, preparation and doing – enjoy it! 

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