Student Accommodation Sheffield – Everything You Need To Know

Student Accommodation In Sheffield

Looking for student accommodation in Sheffield? Need a student house in Sheffield or university halls of residence? Look no further than this guide.

With over 60,000 students split between The University of Sheffield (TUOS) and Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) and comprising a massive 119 halls of residence, resting on the Eastern foothills of the Pennines, Sheffield is brimming with student activity.

Sheffield is a city of two sides (and I don’t mean The Blades and The Owls), given that ‘The Steel City’ was at once a key player in the Industrial Revolution, housing back-to-back factories, and simultaneously Europe’s ‘greenest’ city, with more trees per person than any other.

Weathered by the pollution and the rapid growth in population, George Orwell once termed it as one of the ‘ugliest towns of the old world’, and that was before the Great Depression and the WWII Blitz. And yet, now, with around 250 parks, almost two thirds of Sheffield is green space and a large part of the city is within the beautiful Peak District National Park.

One of the city’s biggest parks, Endcliffe, is located right by the SHU buildings and is littered with sunbathing students in the summer.

The South Yorkshire giant is rich in culture too. Sheffield FC is in fact the world’s oldest football club, and the city has an internationally acclaimed music and arts scene. Student clubbers will love that it’s the home of the revolutionary Warp record label and indie heads will proudly claim their university city to be the hometown of The Arctic Monkeys.

The university partakes in this international culture too: the city was the first UK host of The Universiade, the student Olympic games.

Of course, no introduction to Sheffield is complete with a mention of Meadowhall shopping center, one of the UK’s biggest capitalist Cathedrals, pictured in the opening shot of Sheffield-based cult-classic film, ‘Four Lions’. Besides this, West Street houses tons of shops, restaurants and pubs so students will never be wanting for places to go and cocktails to try. So, if you’re planning to make a home of this fascinating city for your studies, look no further than this guide and learn what everything you need about student accommodation in Sheffield.

What Different Types Of Student Accommodation in Sheffield Are There?

Student Halls

If you’re going into first year, then you will most likely want to be in halls. They are usually either rows of en-suite rooms with a shared common room, or blocks of flats with shared bathrooms and a kitchen. Some also have bars, gyms and games rooms. They can be either privately owned by companies such as UNITE, iQ and Hello Student; or owned by the university themselves. Whilst The University of Sheffield, almost exclusively offers their own halls to students, Sheffield Hallam University students are mostly offered privately-owned halls, some in partnership with SHU. Some second, third and fourth year students of both unis also may choose halls over housing, but given that first years are prioritised for uni-owned halls, you may have to go with private options.

Types of accommodation within student halls:


A studio apartment/flat includes a bedroom, kitchen, and private bathroom. It’s likely there will also be a living space, though this may be part of the other rooms. You could have this all to yourself, or share with a friend or partner. It’s all entirely self-contained, private, and designed such that you have everything you need to live independently.


This simply refers to a private bedroom joined to a private bathroom. All other areas, including the kitchen and living area, will be shared with others.

Private Halls:

These are mostly for SHU students, but other students may be there too. You will find advertisements for many of these halls on student-focused property hunting portals like Diggz Hunter, where all the listings are pulled together into one convenient place through which you can compare their features and contact them.

Whilst most uni-owned halls are pretty consistent in their quality, private halls can range from pretty-damn-fancy to the more affordable. We’ve heard good things about Truro Sheffield as a budget option with a great location for both unis and rooms starting at £64 per week. If you have the cash to spare, Straits Manor offers well-reviewed and truly premium halls in the heart of Sheffield, containing its own cinema, games room and gym, with rooms starting at £119 per week.

Uni Owned Halls:

As said above, TUOS owns most of the halls its students occupy. These are split into two different accommodation campuses: Ranmoor/Encliffe and City. Ranmoor and Encliffe, located to the west of the city, used to be separate but now they have joined to become one area, comprising ‘South Accommodation’ (near Endcliffe), and ‘North Accommodation’ (near Ranmoor)’. ‘City Accommodation’ comprises Main Campus and St George’s Campus within the city center. Ranmoor/Encliffe is basically a big student village, with 4500 students living across the many halls of residence, whilst 1500 students live in the City Accommodation halls spread across the center.

All TUOS’s student rooms in Sheffield are self-catered, meaning you have access to your own or a shared kitchen space and it’s up to you to feed yourself. All TUOS students are guaranteed uni-owned accommodation, whether it’s your first-choice uni, insurance option, or join through adjustment or clearing.

The cheapest TUOS student rooms in Sheffield – with shared bathrooms – start at £103 per week (£4326 per year), on a 42 week contract. The most expensive option is £175 per week (£9100 per year) for a studio flat on a 51 week contract. 

Check out the TUOS accommodation website for all the most updated and accurate information regarding all their fees and properties.

Private Student Accommodation – Housing & Flats In Sheffield

For everything you need to know when looking for your ideal student house or flat in Sheffield, check out our complete guide here.

Types of Student Accommodation:

Click the titles to go directly to DiggzHunter’s listings in Sheffield for each type, and then use the search tools to refine your results further.

Shared Housing: Many students choose this option, living in a shared tenancy agreement in a house with multiple bedrooms. The rooms may be ensuite or have one or more shared bathrooms. Check the listing closely to see what is actually on offer.

Private Flat/Studio: A studio is a small, private, self-contained apartment or flat with a bedroom, kitchen, living area and bathroom usually packed into two or three rooms and located in a block of flats. Anything bigger than this is just referred to as a ‘flat’, with however many bedrooms it has.

Spare Room (One room in a house share): In certain cases, there is a house with separate tenancy agreements for the residents. Perhaps one room in a student house is being sublet or there is already a group of students living there with a spare room. If you’re looking to let out of one of your rooms, you can advertise student accommodation here.

Student Landlords Or Student Agents?

Whilst landlords own the property, agents are hired by landlords to advertise them and sometimes look after them. Going directly to landlords can get you a lower rent price, as agents usually take commission from the rent, putting some of the burden of the cost onto you.

Using an agent, however, can be considered a safer bet. Check the agency’s website to see if they are listed as members of a government-approved scheme to deal with complaints – they should belong to an ombudsman service, thus giving you some security in your dealings with them.

If you use a website like DiggzHunter, a student-focused site that pulls all lettings into one place, you get a better choice, more competitive pricing, and a service that understands students’ specific needs. 

What Are The Best Areas For Renting A Student House in Sheffield?

Just like the various university buildings and halls of residence, the student residential areas are also spread across various parts of the city more so than many other universities. The most popular areas are Crookesmoor, Crookes, Broomhill, Broomhall (maybe best avoid using voice-assistants to tell Google Maps where you’re going), Upperthrope, and Ecclesall Road, whilst others live in the city center.

Besides area, there’s a number of other factors to think about when choosing a student house or flat in Sheffield. You’ll find all the considerations you need to make in our comprehensive guide, What To Check When Choosing Student Accommodation.

Here’s a little more on the three of the most popular areas:


Of all the areas, Crookesmoor has the most concentrated student population, so if you choose to rent here, you’ll likely be living close to your mates and their mates too. Just west of the center, it’s also close to both universities. There’s a handful of pubs with very cheap pints and a much-revered 24 hour off-license should you choose to start your night out at 4 am. There’s also a choice of either Sainsbury’s Local, a Co-op, and a hippy-ish organic vegetable store for your groceries. Just make sure you don’t mind hiking up and down the steep hills to uni and back.


Less populated and slightly less accessible, Crookes might be best for those that don’t mind being a bit further out for a little more peace. Bordering Broomhill to the south, it’s even higher up than Crookesmore and about a mile and a half from the center, but there’s still many food and charity shops. There’s bigger gardens and cheaper housing here too.

Ecclesall Road

For SHU students, ‘Eccy Road’ is the ideal place to hang your mortarboard. In terms of location, one of the uni campuses is right there on the road, and the other is just a 15 minute walk into the center. It’s home to two of Sheffield’s best green spaces – The Botanical Gardens and Endcliffe Park – and boasts loads of restaurants, bars and shops. Naturally, the prices are higher here than in the other areas.

When you’ve got your housing sorted, make sure to get your bills as low as possible so you can make the most of student life. For broadband, check out our Best Student Broadband Deals Guide.

Find Student Accommodation & Advertise For Free

If your still looking for student accommodation in Sheffield, search through our wide range of student accommodation and find great student diggz in your town or city. Alternatively, if you have a place you’re looking to rent out, place a free advert and get your student property filled quickly. Both landlords and students can place free adverts!


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