Student Accommodation Liverpool – Everything you need to know

Liverpool Student Accommodation

If your looking for student accommodation in Liverpool or just planning to study in Liverpool, then in this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about studying in Liverpool and finding student accommodation in Liverpool

With a student population of roughly 60,000 young men and women enrolled in five different universities and colleges – The University of Liverpool (UoL), City of Liverpool College, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool John Moores University, and The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts – the Merseyside Metropolitan is a non-stop student party. It’s the home of two giant Premier League Clubs, one of them the recent champions, and their massive stadiums – Anfield and Goodison. Of course, it is also world-renowned as being the birthplace of modern popular culture, thanks to the greatest band of all time, Atomic Kitten.

It’s the fifth biggest city in the UK, boasting dizzying amounts of museums, art galleries, and historical sites – including, The Atomic Kitten Beatles Story Exhibition, The Museum of Liverpool, The British Music Experience, and The World Museum. The whole town is peppered with great bars and restaurants for all your student needs- both cheap pints and fancy cocktails – many of which are located along the riotous Matthew Street. When you need a rest from it all you can sit and watch the glimmering waters at the Royal Albert Docks or chill and have a picnic at the much-loved Sefton Park. Of course, you’ll probably cover all this in your first week there.

In this guide, you will find all you need to know about Liverpool student accommodation – both student halls and student houses. We will also cover living costs, transport links, and some essential Liverpool nightlife.

Student Accommodation In Liverpool?

Liverpool students have given good reviews to a number of halls across Liverpool, but of the forty or so options available, particularly good things have been said about St. Lukes View, Horizon Heights, Albert Court, St. Andrew’s Gardens student halls.

The three below – Vine Court, Fontenoy Apartments, and Grand Central – are our pick of the best of the best. Of course, what’s best for you will depend on your personal circumstances and needs.

Vine Court

Vine Court is simple and modern and a better-than-average option for undergrads. There is a choice of both catered or self-catered. The catered option provides cooked breakfast, a three-course dinner and some all-day offerings too.

It’s in and amongst the University of Liverpool buildings, so you’re unlikely to be too late to your lectures. There’s also a handy Tesco Express just across the road – great for all your pre-drink needs.

Rooms start at £171 per week.

Fontenoy Apartments

This is brand-new, premium, beautifully designed accommodation. There’s a flat-screen 32” TV standard in every room, a cinema room, and a gym – so we need not list the amenities that would come in student halls without these luxuries.

It’s also pretty central, with lots of bars close by, given it’s just ten minutes from Mathew Street. The most basic room there is a full studio for £154 per person per week. Not a bad option if you’re a postgrad with scholarship funding.

Grand Central

Grand Central is in a top-notch city-centre location: bang in the middle of the action, adjacent to Liverpool Lime Street station. From here you can walk to The University of Liverpool campus in ten minutes and LMJU in just eight. It’s also surrounded by supermarkets, shops and bars and pretty much everything you could expect from being so central.

They have options ranging from shared bathroom to en-suite to full-on studio apartments at a range of prices. The cheapest option is a shared bathroom flat for £101 per week, but you could have a very comfortable self-contained studio for £149. Of course, all the single rooms come with a shared kitchen area at the dispense of the three to six people on your floor.

It’s pretty modern in its furnishing and design for the most part, and features a common room with all the essentials – seating, vending machines, ping pong and pool.

These halls are mostly for undergraduates. Take heed, postgrads, you don’t want to be typing your dissertation surrounded by a bunch of rowdy freshers.

How Much Will Student Accommodation in Liverpool Cost?

On average, student accommodation Liverpool costs £152 per week. For an en-suite, it’s £129 per week and
for Studios Apartments, £181 per week.

Most properties will permit payment in instalments, rather than a lump sum for the year. This will typically
require you to have a guarantor – a UK-based adult who could pay this for you.

Can I Share Accommodation With A Friend Or Partner?

Yep, many halls of residence have options for dual occupancy’. Whilst many have this option for only a
little extra, or for free, other halls charge per person, so watch out for that catch.

What Are The Best Areas For Renting A Student House in Liverpool?

The Baltic Triangle

Bursting with both modern culture and a rich history, The Baltic Triangle is well-established as the’ place for young, cool, creative people in Liverpool. Just a short walk outside the city centre, it’s packed with shops, bars, restaurants and venues of all kinds. Many of the buildings are refurbished 18th-century warehouses that make for hipster havens and cavernous club venues. Despite all this, students of all budgets pitch their tents here, as the rent is pretty affordable. Indeed, the students certainly add to the culture here – for every bougie coffee shop there’s incredible street-art and a skate park to boot.

City Centre

Not too much needs to be said about this. A fair few students enjoy living in the centre and having everything on their doorstep – both amenities and university buildings. It’s obviously very well connected to other areas via bus routes and close to the train station. The stand-out Bold Street has rows of bars, restaurants and all the entertainment you could imagine. Naturally, the rent prices are the highest in the city, but if you can make it work, why not?


Boasting bars with £1 pint nights, tons of student discounts, and a takeaway on every corner with cracking deals, Wavertree is the archetypical student land. It is also home to Smithdown Road, an area known for its infamous pub crawl and the yearly Smithdown Road Festival, where local bars host almost hundreds of bands. Here, just south of the city centre, you will find an Aldi and an ASDA for your cheap groceries. The rent is also very student-friendly, and you will be surrounded by other students living here too. A twenty minute bus will take you to most Uni buildings and central Liverpool.


Home to Paul McCartney Way, Ringo Starr Drive and John Lennon Drive, Kensington is where The Beatles first began to record their music together. Who wouldn’t want one of those addresses? Despite its historical and cultural significance, it remains a down-to-earth inner-city area with twelve percent of its population as students. Given its proximity to the Knowledge Quarter, it’s a pretty convenient place to hang your hat if you’re a student of one of the universities. There’s sufficient supermarkets, local shops and newsagents and the rent is one of the cheapest in Liverpool. It’s also home to the Victorian Newsham Park which was originally intended to be a model of Manhattan’s Central Park. Not long ago the lakes were closed due to toxic blue algae, but that’s just part of its charm.

What’s The Best Way to Get Around Liverpool?


Mersey rail trains run throughout the day across 68 stations in and around Liverpool. With 4 city centre underground stations, it’s pretty easy to nip across the centre.

A term-time pass’ will give you unlimited travel during term time only from £115.90. Purchase here.


A favourite of Liverpool’s student populace, the bike is the go-to option for many due to its almost non-existent running cost, and the city’s compact nature and regular bike lanes.


It’s environmentally friendly, convenient, relatively cheap and riding the 699 is a student rite of passage. There are two main city centre bus terminals: Queen Square and Liverpool ONE.

If you’re a UoL student, you can get an Arriva bus pass that’ll last you the full academic year for only £320 that will permit you unlimited travel on any of their busses. A single will cost you about £1.80.


There’s always Uber, but failing that there’s rarely a shortage of taxis in the area. A major taxi rank can be found just outside of Liverpool Lime Street Station. Of course, you can always give Com Cabs a ring to pre-book your ride to the club.

How Much Does Student Life in Liverpool Cost?

You will need between £8,500 and £10,500 per academic year for your daily living expenses including accommodation, food and local travel. This comes to about £900 per month – making it arguably the cheapest of the major cities for student life.

And this is what you’re getting for your money (at the cost of that 9 AM lecture of course):

What are the Best Bars and Clubs in Liverpool?

The Cavern – A tourist hotspot for being one of the starting venues of The Beatles, but well worth the odd

The Blue Angel aka The Raz – The old jazz and rock venue has been a student cesspit since long before you
were born. An unavoidable night out as a student.

The Bierkeller – A staple venue for having one too many pints. Expect table dancing, live music, and leaving
with a beer-stained shirt.

Popworld – The corny spot your less cool friends will inevitably drag you to, but you secretly enjoy.

ArCains – An arcade combined with a bar. A really novel, fun night out with great fast food and craft beers,
located in the heart of The Baltic Triangle.

Modo – Double vodka mixer for £3.50. Huge garden smoking area. Big TVs for Liverpool and Everton

Salt Dog Slims – A cosy, tastefully dilapidated Americana-style bar with a pool table. They serve quality
beer, cocktails, and great American night-out food. A secret gem of a party bar.

I’m sure by now you’re convinced that you’ve chosen a great city for university. It’s cheap, big, and rich in
culture. There’s plenty of brilliant places to call your student home Liverpool. Now just get some Wayne
Rooney interviews up on YouTube so you can practice deciphering that scouse accent and you’re all set to

Find & Advertise Student Accommodation In Liverpool

Still looking for a student property? Search through our wide range of student accommodation and find great student diggz in your town or city. Alternatively, if you have a place your looking to rent out, place a free advert and get your student property filled quickly. Both landlords and students can place free adverts!



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