Student Accommodation Leeds – Everything You Need To Know


Student Accommodation Leeds

Looking for student accommodation in Leeds? Need a student house in Leeds or university halls of residence? Look no further than this guide.

Student Life In Leeds

Yorkshire’s largest city is home to a student population of almost 50,000 people – all in attendance at the University of Leeds (UoL), Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Trinity, and a handful of other specialist colleges and schools.

With Leeds United finally back in their rightful top-division home, there’s no longer any aspect of the great northern city that’s out of place. UoL is one of the biggest and most applied-to unis in the country, Leeds was named The Times’ ‘number one cultural place to live in Britain’, and it is the home to one of the largest city parks in the whole of Europe, Roundhay. It’s no surprise, then, that 39 percent of all Leeds graduates remain in the city. Though with the average price of a pint at only £3.50, perhaps the southerners just find it difficult to go back.

A hotbed of culture for decades, Leeds is now unequivocally known as one of the coolest student cities in the UK. From the thriving clubbing scene to the annual festivals such as Leeds Fest, it’s not hard to see why. If you’re one of the many who want to make a home by the River Aire, read on for all you need to know about student accommodation in Leeds.

What Different Types Of Student Accommodation in Leeds Are There?

Student Halls

Student halls come in a couple of different types. One such set-up is blocks of ‘flats’ consisting of 4-6 rooms and a shared kitchen. If the rooms aren’t ensuite then there will also be 2-3 bathrooms shared between the residents. The other common set-up is rows of rooms on either side of long corridors – this is typical for catered accommodation. Again, the bathrooms can be ensuite or shared. In almost all student halls you will also have a common room, and depending on how fancy your diggs are, a bar, gym and games room. Halls can be university-owned or private. In Leeds, both the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett offer their own accommodation as well as there being privately owned accommodation on offer. Many UoL halls, particularly catered ones, are on their central Leeds campus. Both UoL and Beckett have halls scattered across the city but most are located in Headingley, Woodhouse and Burley. Most student halls are occupied by first-years, but there are usually spaces available for other students too.

Types of accommodation within student halls:


A studio is a self-contained, private flat/apartment. It will include a bedroom, kitchen, and private bathroom. It’s likely there will also be a living space, though this may be open-plan as part of the kitchen and bedroom. They are usually designed for one person but could be shared by a couple.


This just refers to a bedroom joined to a private bathroom. 

Private Halls

You will find advertisements for many of these halls on student-focused property hunting portals like Diggz Hunter, where all the listings are pulled together into one convenient place, so you can search through them with filters, compare their features and contact them. Many of the private halls have residents at both UoL and Beckett, and maybe some students from other Leeds-based colleges.

We’ve heard good things about Symons House, modern, premium-furnished student halls owned by Prestige Student Living. Located in Leeds city centre, it is within 10 and 17 minutes walking distance from Beckett and UoL respectively. With a range of communal areas including an indoor cinema room, it’s also pretty well-equipped. Prices start at £165.00 per week, and a range of room types are on offer.  If that’s beyond your budget, James Baillie Park is very well-reviewed and rooms start at only £124.00 per week for a shared-bathroom room. The building, owned by UNITE, who have private halls all across the UK, is conveniently located between Headingley and the city centre. Student-reviewers claim it is a very social and fun place to live and it includes a common room and games room.

Uni-Owned Halls

For everything you need to know about UoL-owned accommodation, go to their official website here. They offer both catered and self-catered options, though there are only a handful of choices for the former. All UoL students are guaranteed uni-owned accommodation, as long as you don’t get in via clearing. 

Go to the Leeds Beckett accommodation portal to see all of their options and the latest information.

Private Student Accommodation in Leeds: Housing & Flats

For everything you need to know when looking for your ideal student house or flat, in Leeds or anywhere else, check out our complete guide here, which covers the whole process – from starting the search to sealing the deal.

Types of private student accommodation:

For a quick shortcut, click the titles to go directly to DiggzHunter’s listings in Leeds for each type, and then use the search tools to refine your results further.

Shared Housing: Many students choose this option, living in a shared tenancy agreement in a house with multiple bedrooms. The rooms may be ensuite (see above for a definition) or have one or more shared bathrooms. Check the listing closely to see what is actually on offer.

Private Flat/Studio: A studio is a small, private, self-contained apartment or flat with a bedroom, kitchen, living area and bathroom usually packed into two or three rooms and located within a block of flats.

Spare Room (one room in a house share): In this case, there usually a group of students already living in a student house with a spare room available that is being sublet. Sometimes these houses have separate tenancy agreements for each of the residents, so you will have your own contract too. Other times a landlord is looking to quickly replace someone on a joint tenancy agreement. If you’re looking to let out of one of your student rooms in Leeds, you can advertise student accommodation here.

Student Landlords or Student Agents?

When searching for a student house in Leeds, you can either go through an agency or go straight to landlords. Landlords own the property, but agents are often hired by landlords to advertise the property (and occasionally look after them).

Going directly to landlords may simplify your search as well as reduce your costs. Agents usually take a commission from the rent and charge additional fees upon signing for the house, and the tenant will take on some of this cost.

Using an agent, however, can be considered a safer bet. Most agencies are listed as members of a government-approved scheme to deal with complaints, thus giving you some security in your dealings with them. Besides this, they are generally more aware of the legal proceedings and are easier to contact.

If you use a website like DiggzHunter, a student-focused site that pulls all lettings into one place, you get a better choice, more competitive pricing, and a service that understands students’ specific needs. You will find both private landlords and agencies advertise student accommodation in Leeds on DiggzHunter.

What Are The Best Areas For Renting A Student House In Leeds?

Whilst Hyde Park and Headingley are by far the most popular areas, Burley Park and Woodhouse may also be worth looking into for different reasons.

Hyde Park

Only a 20-minute walk to the city centre, Hyde Park is particularly popular with UoL and Beckett students who attend lectures and seminars on the city center campuses. Renting here offers the convenience of a Sainsbury’s Local and a Co-op as well as a smorgasbord of open-late takeaways, cafes, bars, pubs and everything in between. To name just a few of the cool, student spots, Brudenell Social Club offers cheap mixers and gigs whilst The Hyde Park Book Club, an old, converted petrol station, will provide vegan brunches, craft beer and poetry readings. It’s hard to be bored there: there’s a historical picture house that still screens movies and an array of vintage stores and charity shops. There’s even a free monthly afternoon tea at Left Bank, which is otherwise a space for art exhibitions and concerts.


This student suburb is a bit further away from the center than Hyde Park – around a 45-minute walk up Otley Road or a 20 minutes bus. However, besides the need to get to campus, you will be more than happy hanging around Headingley itself most of the time. A town in its own right, it’s home to Headingley Stadium, which houses Yorkshire Cricket Club and Rugby league side, Leeds Rhinos. Half the pubs on the famous northern pub crawl, ‘The Otley Run’, are located in Headingley as well tons of restaurants and bars for pockets of all sizes. In fact, many nights out both start and end in Headingley, and not just because the students can’t make it into town. Naturally, it won’t be hard to find the amenities needed here either. Given its distance from town, house prices tend to be lower here too.

Situated between Hyde Park and Headingley, Burley Park is another popular area for renting a student house in Leeds, though it’s not nearly as fun a place to be or as well connected as either of them. If rent prices are weighing on your mind, your best bet is probably Woodhouse. It’s adjacent to Hyde Park and close to the center and uni campuses, hence its popularity with students, but due to it being slightly rundown, the housing is pretty cheap.

Besides area, there’s a number of other considerations to make when choosing a student house or flat in Leeds. You’ll find all the considerations you need to make in our comprehensive guide, What To Check When Choosing Student Accommodation.

When your housing is finally sorted, you’ll want to take care to keep your utility bills down so you can make the most out of living in Leeds. For broadband, check out our Best Student Broadband Deals Guide.

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