Student Accommodation Chester – Everything You Need To Know

Student Accommodation Chester

Looking for student accommodation in Chester? Need a student house in Chester or university halls of residence? Read this guide and learn everything you need to know about student accommodation in Chester

Chester is a city of roughly 120,000 residents within the county of Cheshire. It is situated in the northwest of England on the River Dee bordering Wales. Chester is a beautiful city steeped in history, still displaying much of its 2,000 year old Roman heritage and stunning black and white medieval architecture. The University itself started as a teaching college in 1839, making Chester the fifth oldest place of higher education in England.

There are currently around 15,000 students studying at Chester and the city has something to offer every student. In 2019 Chester was named as the second most student friendly city in the UK.

Chester offers a slightly more chilled atmosphere than a bigger city university, however for any students wanting a bigger city experience Liverpool or Manchester are both less than an hour away.

Despite being a smaller city you will certainly never be short of things to do or places to visit in Chester. There are so many local attractions, popular among tourists and students alike. It has the largest amphitheatre in England, a 1,000 year old cathedral that boasts stunning views, Chester Zoo is one the UKs most famous and Chester Racecourse is perfect for a day out.

For the culture lovers Chester has plenty of festivals and events covering everything from food, to the arts. For theatre or cinema lovers, the Storyhouse has great plays and films all year. And for students wanting to play pool, have a few drinks and watch the football then Riley’s is the place to go.

Student shopaholic? Chester is perhaps most famous for The Rows, a two-story 13th century building, which now gives a complete unique shopping experience, as well as having cafes, restaurants and bars. Chester is also only a 15 minute drive from Cheshire Oaks, the UK’s largest retail outlet shopping centre.

Most importantly though, what about the nightlife? Well, you could be forgiven for thinking such a beautiful city would be an unlikely host to hoards of drunken students. However, Chester has actually been awarded the ‘Purple Flag’ award for its vibrant nightlife. It boasts an eclectic display of live music as well as plenty of choices for pubs, bars and clubs. Rosies is the most popular club in Chester, with epic student nights every Wednesday and usually offering good student deals.

What Different Types of Student Accommodation in Chester Are There?

Depending on your budget and social preferences there are a few different types of student accommodation in Chester. The different options are highlighted below:

Student Halls

Student halls are the most common choice for university first-years. Normally the lifeblood of the freshers community and the home of pre-drinks. When searching for student rooms in Chester you will come across a few different options available in student halls depending on your preference for location, catering type or living arrangements.

Private Halls

Private halls are a great option for second or third years as well as postgraduates. Chester University partners with two private companies which advertise student accommodation, Fresh Student Living and Student Roost.

Abbey Gate, Granary Studios and Tudor Place are all run by Fresh Student Living. The Towpath and Tramways are run by Student Roost.

All of the student rooms in Chester’s private halls are modern and offer an option of en-suite or studio. They always have a variety of great shared spaces and depending on your choice some will come with extras such as gyms, study spaces, private courtyard space and tv common areas. Prices will range from £108 to £209 per week depending on which room and accommodation you pick.

University Owned Halls

Chester has university owned student halls throughout the city, but most are located either close to, or in, the Parkgate Road campus or the city centre. The University is split into different campuses depending on your chosen course, so this is something to consider when selecting your preference for student accommodation.

The majority of students are based at the Parkgate Road campus, which is definitely the hub for student life and first year student accommodation in Chester. You are just a short walk away from the city centre and all the nightlife.

Full board catering is a popular choice for student accommodation in Chester among first-years. Offering three meals every day, this option can save students the stress of cooking for themselves and money often spent on endless takeaways. Astbury House, Fisher House, Gladstone House all offer full board catering on the Parkgate Road campus. Sumner House also offers full board catering and is situated just a five minute walk away.

Self-catered accommodation is available at Powys Court, housing 72 students with shared facilities. Located in the city centre, only a short walk from both the Parkgate Road and Riverside campuses.

Depending on your chosen course, some students will be based on the Warrington campus. This campus is part of Chester University, but around a 40 minute drive away in Warrington. There are plenty of university owned halls housing around 25-50 students each close to this campus.

University Owned Housing

There are student houses in Chester available to rent that are owned by the University. These houses are self-catering with mostly shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. There are a few en-suite rooms available.

Church College Close is an enclosed set of university owned houses on the Parkgate Road campus. Parkgate Road accommodation has up to 180 student rooms available in several terraced and bungalow houses. There are also several more university owned houses available to students within a short walk of the Parkgate Road campus or city centre.

Student rooms in Chester that come with full board catering will cost around £155 per week. Self-catering halls or student houses in Chester generally cost around £80-115 per week.

Chester University uses its website to advertise student accommodation here.

Types of Accommodation in Student Halls


University owned student houses in Chester and student halls based in Warrington are mostly shared facility accommodations. This refers to students having shared bathroom and kitchen facilities as well as living spaces.

En-suite / Private Room

The majority of student rooms in Chester halls come with en-suite facilities. This simply refers to a private bathroom attached to your bedroom. Kitchen and living spaces are still shared.


Self-contained studio flats are available in Grosvenor House, based on the Parkgate Road campus as well as in all the privately owned halls. A studio refers to a single private space, consisting of a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/living area. They usually have shared communal spaces and a laundry room in the block. Depending on which accommodation you chose, some will only allow single occupancy and others will allow two students to share.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation is another option for students looking to rent either a room or house in Chester. Depending on your preferences there are loads of different places available with private landlords. You can find plenty of great options on our website here.


Your landlord is the person renting out the property. They are responsible for ensuring maintenance is taken care of and the property has acceptable living conditions.


Agents act on behalf of the landlord. It is common for properties to be managed by an agent, which makes them the first point of call for all issues. A managed property can often be a good option, as agents are often more reliable and experienced with common problems. However, the ultimate responsibility will always fall with the landlord.

Depending on the location, amenities and the overall house condition, a student house in Chester can cost between £70 to £100 per week, per room.

Types of Private Student Accommodation

Depending on your preference and budget there are three main types of private student accommodation in Chester:

Shared Housing

A shared house is a common choice for students in second or third year that want to live with their friends from first year. This will be a house consisting of multiple bedrooms, usually with a shared bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Private Flat / Studio

Private flats and studios are a good option for postgraduates, couples or maybe students that value their peace and quiet. You will have your own private facilities and living space.

Spare Room

This is where you rent a singular room within a shared house, where you normally do not know the other occupants. It will either have an en-suite or shared bathroom as well as a shared kitchen and living room.

What are the Best Areas for Renting a Student House in Chester?

Boughton or Hoole are both situated just east of the city centre. Prices vary, but you can find some of the cheaper prices in these areas without feeling too out the way. There are plenty of surrounding green areas, as well as local restaurants and cafes making both these locations nice areas to live in. Both are less than two miles from the university.

Parkgate Road or the City Centre are perfect for students wanting to be right in the action. Near the university nightlife and cultural hub of the city. The downside is these areas can be a little pricier.

Liverpool Road is a nice area and has houses on the street adjacent from parkgate road. Houses toward the end of the road are a little further away from the Parkgate Road campus, up to a 7 minute drive, but prices can get a little cheaper. The far end of the road is right next to Chester Zoo though if that persuades you.

Leaving home for the first time?

If you are getting ready to move into your first year accommodation, there is a good chance this will be the first time you have ever lived anywhere by yourself. It is an exciting and nervous time in equal measures, so make sure you have everything prepared. You can use this handy student checklist.

For some students, you will be moving into a shared house with your mates after living in student halls during uni first year.

Before you move in make sure you have everything set up and ready to go. Ensure your utilities are organised. Make sure you are happy with the property inventory check, otherwise the landlord could take money from your deposit when you leave.

If your internet is not provided make sure you search for the best student broadband deals. Finally, double check when your rent is due and put a reminder down so you don’t forget!

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