Getting Started

Here you’ll find a list of the most common questions new users tend to have when initially getting started. If you have any further questions which aren’t covered here, check out some of the other FAQ sections or get in touch using our contact form here

What is DiggzHunter?

DiggzHunter is here to help university students find their ideal accommodation in the city or town they have chosen to study in. It’s Free to join and Free to post one advert, if your a Landlord or Student who needs more than 1 advert you can click here to find further info about our multi-advert packages

How do I find accommodation?

Navigate to the home page and enter your basic search criteria, such as city and number of beds, then press the search button. A whole range of accommodation will be displayed and further filtering options will be displayed to the right, allowing you to narrow down your search criteria.

How do I post a free advert?

First, you’ll need to register to post a free advert, once you’ve registered you’ll see an orange button, named ‘Post Ad’, located at the top right hand side of each page. Simply click that button and follow the steps as prompted. See a more detailed guide here

How long will my free advert remain active?

Free adverts stay active for 31 days. When your advert has expired (ie the 31 days has elapsed) you’ll be able to re-list your advert for free, for a further 31 days, or delete the old advert and create a brand new ad.

What if I require more than one advert?

We have two options available. You can either post single adverts at a cost of £19.99, which each last for 31 days from day of posting, or you can purchase one of our multi advert packs, which overall, are a cheaper option for users looking to post multiple adverts. You can view our multi ad pack prices here

Can I contact advertisers?

Yes, once you have signed up, you’ll be able to contact other users who’ve placed an advert. Some advertisers will choose to display their contact information within the advert, allowing you to contact them directly, others will prefer to keep their personal details private, you’ll be able to message these advertisers through our site. Please be careful when contacting advertisers and read our privacy guide here.

Can other users see my details?

Only the details you wish them to see, we take your security and safety seriously, and we ask you to do the same, so only display details you’re comfortable with other users knowing.

I’ve posted an advert, how can other users contact me?

By default, when users see your advert, they will be able to indicate interest through our site, and we will email you, along with details, to let you know someone has expressed interest in your advert. You can also display direct contact details in your adverts, allowing users to contact you directly, although we advise, that this may result in unsolicited calls or emails which we (DiggzHunter) take no responsibility for.

How do I report an issue or ask further questions?

If you have further questions, see an issue or wish to report something then get in touch using our contact form here